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Vendor Spotlight:  Homeworks Etc

Are you stuck with four blank walls in your nursery and/or big kid room? Well, we have the perfect brand to introduce you to. Homeworks Etc. is a one-stop shop for all things wall decor, offering adorable wall decals, hooks, growth charts, artwork, wooden letters and more. Today we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at everything Homeworks Etc. has to offer, and we know you’ll love their collections just as much as we do!  Read more>

MOMpreneur: Jacqueline De Ath of Homeworks Etc. - June 10, 2014

We interviewed the owner and founder of Homeworks Etc. Designs - wall decor and design services for nursery and kid’s rooms – to talk about her passion for design and how she balances running a thriving business while raising a young family.

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Friday’s Five to Follow: Moms Who Inspire - May 2014

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday but we wanted to start the celebration early! Over the last couple of months, we’ve been interviewing amazing Canadian entrepreneurs (who just happen to be moms!) about what it takes to successfully run a business and raise a family. One of the things we ask is ‘who inspires you?’ and for today’s Friday Five to Follow, we’ve made a list of those moms who inspire the moms who inspire us!  Read more>

BC Renonation April 2014 Edition at

Decor for the younger set by Kerry Vital

Design for a nursery or child's room has come a long way since blue for boys and pink for girls. 

Property Brothers
Episode 22 | Season 3

Property Brothers helping Kari & Boris - October 2013

Avid video gamers Boris and Kari are expecting a baby so it’s time for better digs. But with their tiny condo already rented out, time is ticking. They want four bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen and baby nursery, plus a games room and space for Boris’ action figures. Read more>

Smart Seat Dining Covers

Tips for Designing a kid friendly bathroom for the whole family to enjoy. 

If your house is anything like mine, your kids spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  Taking baths, getting ready for school, brushing before bed.  Make your bathroom a friendly space by following our list of simple tips and suggestions.  Read more. features Homeworks Etc Animal Wall Hook Trio

This functional and decorative three-hook board is great for hanging clothes, jackets, or bags. Made from fiberboard and recycled wood fibers, the wall hooks are cute and whimsical and fit with any decor.  The review? Click on the product listing.  Read more>

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Mompreneur Monday

Jacqueline De'Ath of Homeworks Etc Designs shares with us her story.

In 2002 I was expecting my first child.  I was so excited and I was definitely in nesting mode, trying to get the nursery decorated and complete.  I struggled to find the wall décor I was looking for.  Nothing caught my eye.  I was looking for décor that suited my style and interests (after all, I knew I was going to be spending a lot time there).  I wanted a space that was simple and timeless in design, and that could function and grow with my baby.  Read more>

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Guest Pick

Sweet Safari Style for Kids

I spy something that's adorable and friendly but has a wild side. Make that 20 things, all for a child's bedroom.   Read more>

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Home design and decorating ideas Surrey Kids and Nursery interior and decor.

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July 20, 2012

Welcome Jacqueline De’Ath, founder and president of Homeworks Etc. Designs Inc., as this week’s guest blogger. 
Decorating your baby’s room is probably one of the first things you’ll think about once you get over the excitement of finding out you’re expecting. Planning your little one’s first bedroom can be exciting, especially as you think about all the themes, colors and decorative items you can include.  Read More>



March 12, 2012

So you’ve finished decorating your nursery. You look around, and something just isn’t right. It feels like something is missing. Sometimes you just need a few perfect accessories scattered around your child’s room to really make it complete. Lucky for you, Homeworks Etc. Designs is just the place to find the right finishing touches for your little one’s abode.  Read More>

 Shop of Fabulous

Shops of Fabulous - Handmade customizable decor for kids

Are you looking to add some colour to your little one's bedroom? - Or perhaps to incorporate more of what he or she LOVES? If so, then you're at the right address with Homeworks Etc Designs.  Read More>

 She Hearts It

She {Hearts} Homeworks Etc. - March 23, 2011

I think most children take pride in their own room at a certain time in their life. Maybe not at age 3 or 4… but eventually a kid will want his own space… a place to make his own. What better way to set his space in stone than a beautiful Name Plaque to hang on their bedroom door… or in a cool photo display in their rooms. I know for my children they love to see their names displayed around. It after all is one of the first words they even learn to spell! 

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and decorative accessories

Direct from Market - Seattle   February 2, 2011

Seattle Gift Week began actively and optimistic and has continued on a high note. After a full day of robust buying, buyers at the Pacific Market Center were treated to a special fashion show wine and cheese event that raised funds for Gift for Life.  For bringing a little style to a youngster's room, new in the newly expanded Scarlett showroom is Homeworks Etc. Designs. This Canadian import offers wooden growth charts, wall signs, and coat hook boards with whimsical animal motifs.  Read More>


Mompreneurs Making it Online - January 4, 2011

Ebooks. iPod apps. Diapers? Scoff if you will, but for a unique group of online entrepreneurs, tapping into consumers with a vested interest in a baby’s bottom is proving a winning strategy.   Read more>

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It's not easy being green.....or is it? - December 2010

Those of us living on the West Coast, are lucky to have a few more green options available to us than some other regions. And, the infant and baby industry has become some of the biggest supporters of green products. This makes the journey towards green a little easier! With the holiday season quickly approaching , I have been on a search for some green and wonderful gift items that will be Earth friendly, family friendly, and offer a great sense of style an d fun. Here are a few of my favorite new finds that will be wrapped up this season: Read more>

Natural Mommie

Green Gift Guide: Homeworks Etc. - November 9th, 2010

{handmade furniture & accessories}

I find myself looking for more hand-made items and personalized pieces that have meaning for our family and especially my children. Designer and owner of Homeworks Etc., Jacqueline, felt the same and wanted to decorate her daughter’s room with meaningful pieces that would grow with her and last for generations to come. Read More >

Bedrooms Gone Wild - November 5, 2010

There are only so many animals we can fit in our home, despite the pleas from our little ones. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still turn the kids’ rooms into an animal kingdom, thanks to Homeworks, Etc. Read more >


Decor for your home - September 9 ,2010

Homeworks Etc. also offers a whole whack of other great items for decorating and furnishing your homes, bedrooms and more! They design all their items to suit KIDS! It's great to find a company that focuses on kids bedrooms and decor. And I have to say that their items are all unique, fun and stylish yet simple too.

Canadian Business Finds - August 31, 2010

We can’t get enough of HomeWorks Etc's well-crafted, functional and beautifully designed accessories and furniture. Love the hockey stick with hooks and new animal collections. Made in Canada!