6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a New or Soon-to-be DAD!

Looking for a unique Father’s Day Gifts for a New or Soon-to-be DAD?

Here are 6 of my FATHER’S DAY GIFT PICKS

1.  Make a statement and buy Dad a  Who’s Your Daddy?  T-shirt  from Double Blessings.

Who's Your Daddy? Tshirt by Double Blessings

2. My favorite for expecting Dad’s! Daddy & Co. has designed DaddyScrubs in the EDGY design will help Dad stay comfy and relaxed in the delivery room so he can be ready to assist at a moment’s notice! After the big day his DaddyScrubs will be his go-to pajamas for some of the sleepless nights ahead.

Daddy Scrubs by Daddy & Co.3.  Who can resist buying Dad sox’s.   Yes, that’s right.  SoapSox!  Don’t forget toys for tub for Dad too.  SoapSox is a fun, wash cloth alternative for kids.  Each SoapSox is a cute, plush animal with terry outside and an anti-microbial sponge inside.  Your child will love to “feed” his or her SoapSox with liquid or bar soap. And because SoapSox have finger pockets, you never have to worry about the soap slipping from little hands.  Getting clean has never been so fun!  Soapsoxkids.com   Dad’s gonna have so much fun at bathime (the kids are too!).

Perfect for Dad to have fun too!  Make bath time interactive.

soap sox bathtime fun with Dad.

4. Finally, something Dads can wear to soothe and entertain babies!  Teething Bling now makes ties look just like ‘regular’ ties but safely tucked inside each one is a surprise: a squeaker and a rattle to delight curious babies.   Babe Magnet Ties that Surprise – now, that’s a Smart DAD!

Babe_Magnet_Black_Striped_Tie_Teething Bling

5.  Dad should be comfortable when it’s baby playtime on the floor with baby.  Baby Mushroom sells The World’s Most Comfortable Play Mat.  Plushly padded and thoroughly inviting, the Snug Square is perfect for safely playing, tumbling, toppling, crawling, rolling, and relaxing… and it’s big enough to join your child! Parents and kids of all ages love it!

6.  “Every Child has a hero, I call mine Daddy” photo frame by Homeworks Etc.    Perfect Father’s Day gift for a new Dad.  Melt the heart strings  with this photo frame.  Fits a 4×6″ photo. Capture those precious moments with photos of newborn baby and Daddy.

Every Child has a hero, I call mine Daddy photo frame

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