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Decorating with a hockey sports theme can be fun and playful and every little boy loves to play! This room is definitely decorated with hockey in mind.  Eat, Sleep and Play Hockey!

Life is Simple Play Hockey Wall Decal Quote


Hockey Vinyl wall decals – sized to fit the width of the headboard

Furniture – Twin Slotted Bed in stained in Black

Table Lamp – Ikea

Bedding – NHL sheets, accent pillows and solid gray twin duvet


Hockey Player Silhouette Wall Decal



Hockey Wall Decals – silhouette of Hockey Players are removable

An easy solution to decorating walls.

Hockey Stick Wall Hooks  and It’s All About Hockey wood sign by Homeworks Etc

Such a great Hockey Decor Set for boys rooms.





Hockey Theme Growth Chart


Hockey Themed Growth Chart – Homeworks Etc

Measure the growth of your child.  A memorable keepsake for a lifetime.




Kids Hockey Wall Hook


Single Hockey Stick Wall Hook is perfect for hanging those jerseys, jackets, medals and more!  Shop Hockey Decor.




Happy Decorating!

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