5 Easy FREE Christmas Printable Craft Ideas for kids

Happy Holidays!  Hoping to make it easy on you Moms and provide a few crafts for the kids this Christmas that don’t require any more than pencil crayons and maybe some string or ribbon (if you want to get fancy).   Something the kids can be proud to color, give and share with the family (on and under the tree).

Homeworks Etc Crafts for kids

Christmas Craft Free Printable

5 easy crafts include:

1. a gift tag

2. a tree ornament

3.  a Christmas Tree (ornament, or gift tag …  be adventurous and make a tree following the directions and add it as a personal touch to a poinsettia plant as a hostess gift).

4.  Christmas Card

5.  Gingerbread Man decoration


Click here to download the free printable page for your kids to color.


Happy Decorating!

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