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I’m here today with Julie Romanowski, a Mom, an early childhood consultant and owner of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach and consulting services – the children’s behaviour and discipline specialists.

We are here with Julie talking about:   How to connect with your kids and create an environment that encourages confidence and builds skills.


My business is making decor for kids rooms, but I've always  believed that decor is more than just something to make the room look nice.  What are some of the benefits of decorating a space around a child's character and likes?

Some of the benefits of decorating a space around a child’s character & likes would be that it displays who they are, their achievements, goals, dreams and it can help kids relate & then understand their identity (both the inside and outside parts). A personalized space like a bedroom, surrounds the child on a regular basis by things they love, admire and take pride in. This can help to create a more positive energy, response and attitude in that child as well as the entire household. Creating an environment for kids that encourage confidence and positive behaviour in their bedrooms, can help kids learn & develop key skills such as self-regulation, communication and connection.

There is a philosophy believed by many that ‘your space is a reflection of who you are’. I like to take it one step further and say  that it may also reflect the state of mind of to which you are in. If children are able to contribute to their ‘space’ whether it be their bedrooms, living spaces or even homework stations, it can help kids take ownership of that space. The benefits of decorating a space that reflects the child’s interests, personality and likes can help build more independence, respect and confidence.

I always loved to add photos of children in their spaces, baby books, and keepsakes.  What impact do this really have on a child?

I believe that photos, baby books and keepsakes have a positive impact on kids as it helps give them a greater understanding in where they have come from and where they’ve been. There is a fine balance between surrounding ourselves with positive memories as well as things that inspire us to dream and move forward.

I've found that kids really love to see their names in their space - whether it's an initial or their name on a name plaque.  Why does personalizing spaces get a positive reaction in children?

Personalizing spaces usually gets a positive reaction from children because of the ‘ownership’ they take from it. It’s a clear and direct sign that ‘they are special’ and it’s out there for everyone to see. Encouraging children to take part of decorating their space as well as displaying their memories and achievements, helps them build self-esteem, independence and stronger connection to themselves.

When it comes to play?  Would you recommend parents encourage play in their bedrooms or is it simply for sleeping?

I recommend encouraging play EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE! It is such a great way to learn and connect. The one thing to consider is, is if it is causing a distraction from the other tasks, routines or expectations that are required, then changes may have to be made. For example, if toys and play items in the bedroom are causing a distraction from the bedtime routine or homework time, then it may have to move locations until the expectation is super solid and established. Discussing the boundaries and expectations of the different spaces as well as the routines, helps kids understand better and then perform better. Visuals are a great addition to helping them learn the expectations which can definitely be added in and around the designated space. Be inspired and learn to connect in a whole new way!

Any suggestions on how parents can encourage kids to help them feel loved, safe and have a sense of belonging?

Parents can help their kids feel safe, loved and have a sense of belonging by really foc

using on ‘connecting’ with them. This can be done in several ways throughout the day such as playing games, creating projects and spending ‘time’ together. Creating a space that allows for this connection to naturally unfold would definitely help assist this progress.

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Now Julie and I would love to hear from you.  If you have any questions about connecting with your kids or want to share with us how you’ve taken action to create a space special to connect with your kids, leave a comment below.


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